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About Us

Welcome to three decades of sheer expertise, experience and leadership. Welcome to Carnation Industries. What started as a simple enterprise has today become a symbol of excellence for many.

Since its inception in the 1980’s Carnation Industries has always stood for quality. And it is this quality that is omnipresent throughout the Company. Our products are of top notch quality and bear the mark of perfection. At Carnation, customer centricity is not just a mere word but a way of life. Carnation is a proud customer centric organization. The Company has adapted to latest trends in technology to serve the best quality products to its customers and enable higher productivity & precession. The organization has inculcated a system of continuous learning and innovation among its employees to constantly upgrade to new challenges and these have made to employees winners.

It is perhaps these simple aspects that have made the organization a towering force amongst all its competitors. At Carnation we firmly set our eyes on the future and expand into new horizons of progress, but still cling on to the few simple values of trust and commitment to our employees, customers, the society and the environment at large.