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Grey Iron Casting

Grey Iron Casting

Grey Iron Casting has a chemical composition which after solidification distributes a large portion of its carbon throughout the casting as free or graphic carbon in “flake form”. Grey Cast Iron always presents a grey sooty surface when fractured.
Because of a fortunate combination of engineering properties, availability, excellent casting characteristics, and favorable cost, grey irons are produced in tonnages exceeding all other castings. The basic foundry operations of pattern making, moulding, coring, sand conditioning, melting, clearing, etc. have been highly developed because of the tremendous amount of material and work involved in Grey Iron Castings production. In fact, it is undoubtedly true that much of the engineering and mechanization which has developed in the foundry industry came through the needs for these improvements in order to meet the production demand of manufacturers for grey iron castings.

Production Unit Location Capacity
Unit I Liluah 600 MT/Month
Unit II Liluah 600 MT/Month
Unit III Uluberia 600 MT/Month