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CARNATION is a prominent manufacturer of Ductile & Grey Cast Iron components viz, Gear Box Housing, Clutch Housing, Trumpet Housing, King Post Machine, Carriage Casting, Hydra Clamp Housing, Carrier LHS & RHS, Stub Axle Hub, Intermediate Flange Brackets, Drive Housings, Piston Hydraulics, Cylinder Hydraulics, Bracket Hydraulics etc. with annual capacity of 12000 MT. It specializes in Automotive, Agriculture, Railway, Earth Moving Equipments, Composer for Refrigeration, Textile and Marine Industries. The efficient and experienced technical team of the company is dedicated to meet the international/ national quality standards and the stringent customer requirements with an optimum production lead time. The company has proven its efficiency by submitting sample casting in 45 days. The promoters of the company have vast experience of more than 4 decades in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal industry. The plant is located very near the sea port of Kolkata. The team at CARNATION comprises of well experienced metallurgists and engineers to understand and cater to customer requirements.


  • 1. DISA make – ARPA -900 Jolt Squeeze Machine
    Mould Size (mm): 900 X 900 X 300 to 350 & 1000 X 1000 X 300
  • 2. DT-7 (mould masters make) equivalent to ARPA-900-Jolt Squeeze Machine.
    Mold Size (mm): 900 X 900 X 300 to 350 & 700 X 900 X 300 to 350.
  • 3. DT-3 (mould master make) equivalent to ARPA-450.-Jolt Squeeze Machine.
    Mould size (mm) : 600 X 750 X 300.
  • 4. Fettling & Shot Blasting
    72” SWING table type shot blasting machine (double door) with the capacity of 4 Mt/hour.
    2WA Y Hanger type shot blasting machine (single door) with the capacity of 4 Mt/ hour.
  • 5. Melting
    Inductotherm make 750 KW Dual track medium frequency furnace with two crucibles having melting capacity of 1.5 Mt/hour.
    Inductotherm make 750KW Mono Track medium frequency furnaces with ONE crucibles having melting capacity of 1.5 Mt/hour.
  • 6. Sand Plant
    Intensive Mixers (500 kgs/batch) 2 Nos- Wesman & Beilon – Romagnoli Make.
    Multi cooler (30 Mt/hour) 1 no. Wesman Simpson Make
    New Sand Drying and cooling
    Plant (2 Mt/hour) 1 No.- Wesman make.
  • 7. Sand Testing
    Green compressive strength machine.
    Green strength machine.
    Compatibility Tester Machine
    Electro Permeability Meter.
    Shatter Index Machine.
    AFS Sieve analysis.
    Min Lab Muller.
    Sand analysis for VM, LOI, TC, AC etc.
  • 8. Chemical Analysis
    Compact accurate analytic bench type Spectrometer – Meta vision 108 models – Metal Power make.
    Wet Lab for analysis of Ferro alloys.
    Smart lab Thermal analysis for carbon silicon determination with Digital remote display at furnace and Lab.
  • 9. Physical Testing
    3000 kgs Hydro Optical Immersion and Mechanical Brinell Hardness Tester
    200 KN Universal type tensile Tester
    Inverted Micro scope with image analyzer to check micro structure with auto calculates
    Load Test up to 1200 KN
    Pressure Test for Pipe Fittings
    Hardness Tester
    Black Paint Coating Testing
    Epoxy Paint Coating Testing